Dear Parent,

In light of current guidance from the government and FAI in relation to Covid 19, Snugboro Utd FC has completed the Covid 19 risk assessment required by the FAI and has now put in place a number of protocols for the Safer Return to football. This communication is designed to inform you of those protocols so that you can make an informed decision for you, your child and your family with respect to returning to soccer training.

  1.   Snugboro Utd FC Personnel.
  • ​​The committee has established a Covid 19 officer to support the Safer Return to Training Protocol implementation, the coaches and you.
  • The Covid 19 officer and or team supervisors  will terminate any training session where their assessment of the training session or individual participants is deemed to be non-compliant with the Safer Return to Training Protocol
  1.  Pitches and Grounds and Training Sessions
  • Please heed the information signs located at our main pitch.
  • Drop off & collection times must be strictly adhered to.
  • The dugouts are closed.
  • The dressing rooms are closed.
  • Each training session will have a specific slot to ensure no overlap or congregation at the pitches. Your team coach will inform you of these training slots.
  • Training equipment will be sanitised prior to each training session
  • An attendance sheet will be kept for each training session in the event that contact tracing is required.
  • Full contact training is allowed from Monday 29th June.
  • There will be no water available for players at the clubhouse per current guidelines.
  • While hand sanitiser will be provided by the club at each training session your child must bring their own to each training session.
  1.  Leagues, Fixtures and Safer Return to Play
  • ​The FAI have issued a Safer return to Play protocol available at:
  • The Mayo League are currently working with clubs with the aim of establishing a league format, however this is in its early stages and as further information arises the relevant information will be given to you through your team coaches.
  • It may be the case that not all teams will play in leagues.
  1.  Transportation
  • ​Until such time as a league and fixtures have been established transportation for your child is only required to and from the club grounds for training purposes. At this stage no buses will be provided by the club.
  • As any league format and fixtures becomes clearer the club Covid 19 officer along with the club committee will monitor the transportation recommendations from government and the FAI Safer Return to Play protocols and review the club protocols in relation to transportation and will inform you of any updates.
  • The Club will not be providing any buses for away matches this year so please be aware that you will be required to get your child to and from all matches this season.
  1.  Coaches
  • ​Coaches are volunteers in the club and the club have collaborated with them on the Safer Return to Training. Each coach, like you, has a responsibility to themselves and their families and we would ask that you and your child respect the coach’s requests prior to, during and after training sessions.
  • Coaches have been provided with relevant PPE, including hand sanitiser and masks, in the event that a child becomes ill during training and they will contact parents immediately in that event.
  • The coaches will not be providing communal water bottles.
  1.  You and Your Child
  • You should make yourself familiar with the guidance located on the website at:
  • You should make yourself familiar with the HSE guidance located on the HSE website at:
  • You must drop your child off and pick them up at the designated drop off and pickup areas clearly signposted at the pitch side.
  • You must drop off and pick your child up at the designated time prior to and after training and without delay.
  • You must provide your child with their own water bottle for use during training. The water bottle and any other personal equipment should be labelled with your child’s name.
  • You must provide your child with their own labelled hand sanitiser which they must bring to each training session.
  • You or your child must not attend, or you must not bring your child to attend, any training session where either you or your child is sick and/or displays symptoms of Covid 19.
  • You are responsible for the transportation of your child to and from training. Current guideline advise against the sharing of cars for transportation of others outside your family group.
  • You must not congregate at the pitch or within the club grounds during training.
  • You must be available to receive a phone call from your team coach and pick up your child without delay in the event of injury or sickness during training
  • No abuse of the Club Covid 19 Safer Return to Training protocol, including requests from coaches, will be tolerated and in the event that there is then you and/or your child may be asked to leave the pitch or clubhouse grounds and may be suspended from training where abuse of the Club Covid 19 Safer Return to Training protocol continues.

You must sign the declaration on this form prior to your child’s first training session. You can sign the declaration below and hit ‘Submit’.